Introduction to the client-side libraries


The Client-side libraries are currently only supported for ScheduleOnce.

What are the OnceHub client-side libraries?

Our client-side libraries are a collection of advanced features that can be used to build direct integrations with third party applications, using booking confirmation data sent via URL parameters and JavaScript. It is suitable for developers or technically savvy users with scripting or programming knowledge. You can use the OnceHub client-side libraries to develop custom integrations with your own web applications, services, or data warehouse.

Redirecting booking confirmation data

Using automatic redirect, you can send booking confirmation data to the redirect page via URL parameters. This feature can be used to personalize the scheduling process by displaying a custom thank you message, or help you streamline your customer pipeline by enabling client-side integrations such as pre-populating a form, among other client-side library use cases.

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Collecting data from an embedded Booking page

If you have published your booking page using website embed, you can collect booking confirmation data from an embedded booking page by adding a JavaScript function to your embed code. Use cases include: enriching your Customer data repository with high-value personal information submitted at the time of booking; and displaying a custom confirmation message inside the embedding frame or a pop-up.

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