Setting up and using Webhooks

What can I do with Webhooks?

Webhooks are a useful tool if you want to receive automatic notifications whenever a booking or conversation event occurs in your OnceHub account.

For example, you can use a Webhook subscription to automatically send Customer details to your server whenever a new booking is made.

You can register Webhooks to send an HTTP POST request for specific types of booking or conversation events, or register a Webhook to let you know when any booking or conversation lifecycle event takes place. Learn more about Webhook event triggers


POST messages may contain sensitive customer data. Always use HTTPS when providing the receiving POST URL.

Check that your Webhook is configured correctly

Once you have created your Webhook subscription, you can check that it is configured correctly by using a service like Webhook Tester.

Simply configure your Webhook subscription with a URL generated by one of these services, and create a sample booking in your account. The request testing tool lets you collect the HTTP requests you send to the specified URL, so that you can easily confirm, inspect, or debug the responses.

Setting up Webhook integration with a SaaS application

Webhooks can be used to easily integrate OnceHub with a SaaS application. Once you have registered a OnceHub account, setting up Webhook integration with a SaaS application is simple:

  1. Create a Webhook subscription by sending a POST request to the /webhooks endpoint, configured with the relevant event triggers and the URL where you want to receive data.
  2. Receive booking or conversation data every time the booking or conversation lifecycle event is triggered.
  3. Integrate OnceHub booking or conversation data into your application.