Use cases: Client-side libraries

Options for the client-side libraries

The client-side libraries provide two different methods of extracting booking confirmation data from OnceHub at the time of scheduling:

Apply our client-side libraries to your business processes

Depending on your business and development needs, our client-side libraries can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Displaying a custom confirmation message
  • Integrating with other client-side applications
  • Enriching customer profile data

Continue reading to learn more about these use cases.

Display a custom confirmation message

By default, after a customer has successfully scheduled a booking through your booking page, they will see a confirmation page that displays information about their booking.

If you want to display a custom confirmation message using booking confirmation data to your customers, you can do so in several different ways:

  • Automatically redirect customers to your own custom confirmation page
  • Display a custom confirmation message inside the embedding frame
  • Display a custom confirmation message in a popup over the embedding parent page

Your custom confirmation message can include details about the booking that was just scheduled, as well as customer information submitted via the booking form.

Integrate with client-side applications

OnceHub can send booking confirmation data to external client-side applications, allowing you to create powerful integrations with third-party out-of-the-box tools or your own custom development.

Some of the most common client-side integrations you may wish to incorporate into your business processes are:

  • Pre-populating a web form
  • Pre-populating a survey
  • Sending a custom confirmation email to your customers after scheduling

OnceHub client-side integrations allow you to provide a seamless experience to your customers.

Enrich customer profile data

A robust and integrated customer profile is essential to effective marketing analytics. By enriching your customer data repository with high-value personal information provided at the time of booking, you can present more relevant, timely, and personalized marketing to your leads and customers.

Online scheduling presents a key opportunity to gather identifying information at the peak of the prospect’s interest. When a customer schedules a booking, they are more forthcoming with personal data, and are more likely to submit complete and accurate information than other modes of data collection.

By applying our client-side libraries to your booking pages, you can capture meaningful information at a crucial point in the customer journey, when prospects are ready to engage.