Supported events

The following events are supported. Learn more about Webhook event triggers

Booking event triggers

Webhooks for booking events will contain the booking object in the data payload.

Event typeBooking scenario
bookingAll booking lifecycle events.
booking.scheduledCustomer schedules a booking.
User approves a booking requested by a Customer.
booking.rescheduledCustomer reschedules a booking on the same booking page.
Customer reschedules a booking following a request from the User to reschedule.
booking.canceled_then_rescheduledCustomer cancels a booking and then reschedules on a different booking page.
booking.canceled_reschedule_requestedUser cancels and sends a request to the Customer to reschedule.
booking.canceledUser or Customer cancels a booking.
booking.completedBooking end time has passed.
booking.no_showUser sets the completed booking to No-show.

Conversation event triggers

Webhooks for conversation events will contain the conversation object in the data payload.

Event typeConversation scenario
conversationAll conversation lifecycle events.
conversation.startedWebsite visitor starts interacting with a chatbot.
conversation.closedWebsite visitor reaches the end of the conversation flow.
Website visitor starts a new conversation with a different chatbot.
conversation.abandonedWebsite visitor stops interacting with a bot for more than 10 minutes.