The booking object contains all of the relevant data about the booking. It includes booking data, booking lifecycle status, cancel/reschedule data (when relevant), booking form submission data, booking page, master page, and event type data.

objectstringString representing the object’s type. Objects of the same type share the same value. The type here is booking.
idstringUnique identifier for the object.
tracking_idstringA unique ID automatically assigned to every booking.
subjectstringThe name of the service or subject as defined in the booking form.
statusstringThe status of the booking event. The booking can have any of the following statuses: requested, scheduled, rescheduled, completed, canceled or no_show
in_trashbooleanThe booking was moved to trash in the activity stream. While this value is true, the activity can still be found in the trash and has not been hard deleted yet.
creation_timedatetimeThe date and time when the booking was created.
starting_timedatetimeThe date and time when the meeting is scheduled to start.
customer_timezonestringThe timezone selected by the customer when making the booking. Displayed in IANA timezone format.
last_updated_timedatetimeThe date and time the booking was last updated.
ownerstring, expandableThe ID of the owner of the booking. This is the User who originally accepted the booking, and remains unchanged even if the booking was reassigned to a new booking page.
duration_minutesintegerThe length of the meeting, in minutes.
virtual_conferencinghashThe object containing information about the video conference in case of virtual meeting.
virtual_conferencing.join_urlstringThe URL to join the video conference meeting.
location_descriptionstringInformation about the physical location in case of physical meeting.
rescheduled_booking_idstringThe ID of the booking that was rescheduled.
cancel_reschedule_urlstringURL for cancelling and rescheduling the booking.
* At the moment, only being sent out in webhooks.
cancel_reschedule_informationhashAn object containing information about the cancel / reschedule event.
cancel_reschedule_information.reasonstringThe reason given for canceling or rescheduling a meeting.
cancel_reschedule_information.actioned_bystringThe person who actioned the cancel / reschedule. Valid options are user (person in your team) and customer (person who made the booking).
cancel_reschedule_information.user_idstringIf the cancel reschedule was done by the user, this field will contain their user id.
form_submissionhashThe object containing information entered by the customer into the booking form. This will include any system fields and custom fields defined in your booking form.
form_submission.namestringThe name provided by the customer in the booking form.
form_submission.emailstringThe email provided by the customer in the booking form.
form_submission.phonestringThe phone number provided by the customer in the booking form.
form_submission.mobile_phonestringThe mobile phone number provided by the customer in the booking form.
form_submission.notestringThe note provided by the customer in the booking form.
form_submission.companystringThe company provided by your customer in the booking form.
form_submission.guestsarrayList of additional attendees (emails) invited by the customer.
form_submission.custom_fieldshashThe object containing custom Booking form fields.
booking_pagestring, expandableThe ID of the booking page used to make the booking.
master_pagestring, expandableThe ID of the master booking page used to make the booking.
event_typestring, expandableThe ID of the service selected by customer.
conversationstring, expandableThe ID of the conversation that this booking was scheduled from, null if the booking did not come from a conversation.
external_calendarhashObject containing information about the calendar used in the booking.
external_calendar.typestringType of calendar, value can be one of google, exchange, office_365, or icloud.
external_calendar.namestringThe name of the external calendar to which the booking was added.
external_calendar.idstringThe ID of the external calendar to which the booking was added.
external_calendar.event_idstringThe id of the booking event that was created in the external calendar.
utm_paramshashObject containing captured values for the 5 standard UTM parameters. Not included in booking webhooks at this time.
* If no UTM params exist on the booking, object will return null
contactstring, expandable The ID of the contact the booking was scheduled with.
booking_calendarstringThe ID of the booking calendar used to make this booking.
cancel_urlstringURL for cancelling the booking.
* Only sent for booking scheduled via booking calendars
reschedule_urlstringURL for rescheduling the booking.
* Only sent for booking scheduled via booking calendars


  "object": "booking",
  "id": "BKNG-J4FR05BKEWEX",
  "tracking_id": "D36E0002",
  "subject": "Live demo",
  "status": "scheduled",
  "creation_time": "2020-03-22T09:48:48Z",
  "starting_time": "2020-03-22T04:30:00Z",
  "customer_timezone": "America/New_York",
  "last_updated_time": "2020-03-22T09:48:48Z",
  "owner": "USR-FSD423423",
  "duration_minutes": 60,
  "virtual_conferencing": {
    "join_url": ""
  "location_description": "123 Office Street",
  "rescheduled_booking_id": "BKNG-J4FR05BKEWEX",
  "cancel_reschedule_information": {
    "reason": "Change in schedule",
    "actioned_by": "user",
    "user_id": "USR-FSD423423"
  "form_submission": {
    "name": "Carrie Customer",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": null,
    "mobile_phone": "1-2025550195",
    "note": "I want to discuss whether your product can work for our office.",
    "company": null,
    "guests": [],
    "custom_fields": [
      { "name": "Title", "value": "Executive Assistant" },
      { "name": "Office size", "value": "30-50 people" },
      { "name": "Industry", "value": "Lawnscaping services" }
  "booking_page": "BP-X0LCRU5LES",
  "master_page": "MP-ZID28U5946",
  "event_type": "ET-7NC41GHIDZ",
  "conversation": "CVR-ZLS0AG3YXZTH",
  "external_calendar": {
    "type": "google",
    "name": "[email protected]",
    "id": "[email protected]",
    "event_id": "8kvu74dda8kcv0gmmlm3folrhc"
  "utm_params": {
    "source": "facebook",
    "medium": "social",
    "campaign": null,
    "term": null,
    "content": null
  "contact": "CTC-262WER5NR9CG38",
  "booking_calendar": "BKC-03WJV0R52Z",
  "cancel_url": "",
  "reschedule_url": ""