The event object is sent in the webhook payload, in standard JSON format and contains a unique ID, the event that triggered the payload (e.g. booking.scheduled), the time the event occurred, the API version, and a nested data object. Learn more about the event object and the webhook payload

idstringUnique alphanumeric identifier for the object. The prefix of the event ID is EVNT_.
objectstringString representing the object’s type. Objects of the same type share the same value. The value here is event.
creation_timedatetimeThe time the event object was created.
typestringThe type of the event. See below for the event types we currently support.
api_versionstringThe OnceHub API version used to render the data object.
datahashThe object containing relevant data associated with the event that triggered the payload.


  "id": "EVNT-KN56U3YL7C",
  "object": "event",
  "creation_time": "2020-03-22T09:49:12Z",
  "type": "booking.scheduled",
  "api_version": "v2",
  "data": {}